Bern, the petite capital city is the heart of Switzerland. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, Bern is one of the most historic cities with the dazzling Aare river surrounding it.


  • EXPLORE THE OLD TOWN: This city has a long medieval history and exploring it will definitely transport you back in time. The city is dotted with multiple boutique shops, restaurants with mouth watering food and bars.
  • VISIT THE BEAR GARDEN: Bears have lived in Bern for over 500 years and are of significant importance to the city.
4 Reasons to Visit Bern, Switzerland - Talk Travel To Me
  • GO SWIMMING IN THE AARE RIVER: The clean turquoise blue waters of the Aare river will tempt you to take a dip in the river. Summers, of course are the best time to explore the beautiful river.
Urban Swimming in Switzerland: Dive into Bern's Aquatic Community
  • VISIT THE BERN NATIONAL MUSEUM: It is the second largest historical museum in Switzerland. The museum consists of collections related to the history of Bern aging from prehistoric times to present and other artefacts.
16 Things to do in Bern - That People Actually Do !

Bern is the perfect city for history lovers. Did you enjoy reading this article and would love to visit Bern? Please let me know in the comments below!

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