Sri Lanka also known as the island nation is situated on the southern coast of India. It is surrounded by the Indian ocean and lies in between the territory of India and Maldives. Sri Lanka is a gem of a place with its dazzling white sands, topped with coconut palms and crystal blue waters.  It is a place where everyone loses sense of time and sinks into the oceans surface to glide alongside turtles, dolphins and exhale in the breath taking views. Sri Lanka is a paradise which is indeed worth visiting.


LANGUAGE- Sinhala and Tamil are the two official languages of Sri Lanka . English is also spoken in Sri Lanka.

CURRENCY- Sri Lankan Rupee.

CLIMATE- The climate in Sri Lanka is tropical with wet and dry seasons.


1. BENTOTA- It is a mesmerizing  resort town located in the southern coast of sri lanka. Covered with lush green palm trees, sparkling water and truly a breathtaking view, Bentota is famous for its numerous activities like- surfing, snorkeling, sailing and many more water sports. The one thing not to miss out is the turtle hatchery. You will see five endangered species of turtles hatching. Isn’t it so fascinating? This is definitely the perfect place for nature lovers.

2. ANURADHAPURA- This was the first capital of the island nation. It is one of the world heritage sites and also an essential tourist destination in order to learn more about the history of sri lanka. It is the birthplace of Buddhism under the reign of king Devanampiya.   Anuradhapura is the centre of temples, palaces,monasteries which has a significant place in the historic journey of sri lanka.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide - The Sacred City of Anuradhapura - YouTube

3.YALA NATIONAL PARK – Situated in the south east Sri Lanka, Yala is a national park home to various species including- elephants, leopards, jackals, birds, dears, crocodiles, buffaloes. This national park is dotted with lagoons, forests, tanks and off course the diverse population of species. The best time to visit Yala national park is between February and July. It is an eye opening experience and is definitely Sri Lanka’s  unmissable sight.

Yala National Park Travel Guide - Atlas Travel - Best & Cheap ...
Picture by Atlas Travel

4. SIGIRIYA-  Sigiriya means a lion rock which is a gargantuan rock with a lion carved onto it. Also known to be a UNESCO world heritage site, the fortress on top of the Sigiriya rock was built by King Kasyapa who considered it to be his residence in order to protect himself from the attacks carried out by his brother, the rightful heir to the throne. After his death Sigiriya became a Buddhist monastery. Sigiriya consists of gardens, ponds, fountains. The most enthralling aspect of Sigiriya is the mirror wall which was polished so thoroughly that King Kasyapa could see his own reflection. The mirror wall has sensual paintings of women and visitors inscribed their thoughts about the paintings on the wall. The graffiti is an essential feature of Sigiriya.

5. GALLE-  Galle fort, surrounded by the ocean is a fort built by the Dutch colonies in the 17th century. The most unique feature about this city is that it is not only an important tourist destination but it also consists of schools, administrative offices, courts etc. Galle is embodied with Dutch colonial  buildings, mosques, museums, boutiques and cafes providing mouth  watering food . It has a buzzing ambiance and it is undoubtedly a destination that should not be missed.

Beautiful view - Reviews, Photos - Galle Fort Lighthouse - Tripadvisor
Picture by Tripadvisor

Featured Image Credits- Behance (Uvin Gunasena)


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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sri Lanka has two official languages: Sinhala and Tamil, please correct this mistake.


  2. Muskaan Kapahi says:

    Very informative and beautifully expressed ❤️

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