One can’t visit Switzerland without trying hot, cheesy fondue and café du grutli has one of the best in Lausanne. It is often filled with tourists and locals, especially on the weekends. Opened in 1849, it is a small and cosy, traditional restaurant which has been offering authentic Swiss food since its inception.


The main dish to try is the scrumptious cheese and tomato fondue. The cheesy, rich fondue is accompanied with bread or a bag of potatoes. You can enhance the taste with a glass of wine. They also have an exquisite tray of salads that add a fresh flavor to the meal.



The ambience is astounding. The light Swiss music accentuated with a delicious smell of fondue covering the restaurant is the perfect ambience to experience when in Switzerland. When the weather permits, it is a pleasure to have a seat on the terrace of the Grütli to listen to the tune played by the musicians. The service is impeccable and the servers were extremely prompt and courteous. This restaurant does not have too many options for vegetarians but you can simply go for the yummy fondue. The fondue is so filling that one does not require anything else to accompany it.

I hope you visit this homely Swiss restaurant which is located in downtown Lausanne. Please share your experiences in the comments below!!


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