Lausanne is a town built on three hills surrounded by vineyards with Lake Geneva at its feet. My trip to Lausanne, albeit a short one, was a unforgettable one. I had the opportunity to stay in one of the most luxurious hotels of Lausanne- The Lausanne Palace.702d898e-6467-4b66-99d4-a3bfe15bd9a3

Located in the heart of Lausanne, The Lausanne Palace is a magnificent property to stay in. Opened in 1915, the Palace contains 140 rooms and suites and offers a heavenly view to guests with the beautiful lake on one side and vintage architecture on the other. The palace has amazing restaurants out of which one is a Michelin starred. La Table d’ Edgard, a Michelin star restaurant is a must try. Guaranteeing an exceptional cuisine, it meets all the expectations you would have of a 5-star hotel.  Its central location and its unobstructed view of Lake Geneva and the Alps give it an atmosphere that is both urban and peaceful. The menu and the quality of service will surely make one feel like royalty. Guests of the Lausanne Palace can also dine in the Japanese restaurant The Palace Sushi Zen, at La Brasserie du Grand Chêne, and in the Mediterranean restaurant Coté Jardin, which is open every day and features a summer terrace and 3 bars with live music every evening, and offers buffet and à la carte dining.

The Palace has a fantastic indoor pool with sauna and hammam making it the best relaxing spot in the palace. The palace also houses a luxury spa and a gym. The spa proposes a wide range of treatments inspired by Ayurveda and other therapies from around the world. To complete the peaceful and relaxing experience of the spa, there is nothing like a detox cuisine from the yogi booster. Yogi booster is a place near the spa which promotes health by providing nutritious food. Yogi booster serves salads, soups, cereal bars and much more. It is a very unique and an exciting concept.


The location of the palace is perfect making it easy to reach anywhere in the city. The metro station is right opposite the palace and the market place is easily accessible.

The one thing I would remember this hotel for, has to be the hospitality which is beyond excellence. The staff in particular are friendly, approachable and will fulfill any request of yours with a smile. If you’re looking for a beautiful stay along with excellent hospitality, then I would highly recommend you to stay at The Lausanne Place.


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  1. Christie Gupta says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip … what a lucky girl to have this experience!


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