If you want to have an authentic Japanese experience, head over to Kampai, a fine dining Japanese restaurant. The decor, the ambience have been carefully designed which virtually transport you to Japan!



The restaurant  also has a private dining room with traditional tatami tables and a concealed leg space for groups of 7-8 people. It gives one an authentic Japanese experience.

Tatami Seating



The service is very prompt and courteous. The restaurant also has an extensive bar available.



  1. MISO SHITAKE- This is miso marinated shitake.IMG_0551
  2. THREE MUSHROOM GAYOZA- Gayoza are dumplings which are pan fried to enhance the taste. These are completely different from the original dumplings.IMG_0552
  3. VEGETARIAN SUSHI PLATTER- It is a chefs selection of assorted sushi. The sushi’s were amazing and very authentic.IMG_0555



  1. OM-RICE– Fried rice wrapped in cooked egg. This dish is an authentic Japanese dish. It does not look appealing but the taste is unbelievable.img_0556.jpg
  2. YAKISOBA NOODLES- These are tepenyaki stir fried noodles. These were very different in taste.img_0559.jpg



  1. MATCHA TIRAMISU– I loved it. Only those people who have a taste for matcha would like this desert.IMG_0562


LOCATION– Worldmark 1, G-02, Aerocity, New Delhi

COST FOR TWO– 2200 without alcohol

If you haven’t visited Japan and tried out the scrumptious food, don’t worry about it. Kampai is the place to go!!! It is a perfect Japanese restaurant that offers an extensive vegetarian and non- vegetarian menu. Let me know your experiences at kampai in the comments below.




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  1. Christine Gupta says:

    Such a talented girl … one day I’ll be able to say remember when … before you become big with your travel blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sanyasingla says:

      Thank you maami❤️


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