With its bold architecture and dynamic style, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city is a distinct fusion of its heritage and an ultramodern style all its own. Here’s my ultimate Dubai travel guide!


  • LANGUAGE- Arabic is the official language of UAE. English is also spoken everywhere in Dubai.
  • CURRENCY- Dirham( Dhs) .
  • CLIMATE- Summers are extremely hot in Dubai. Winters are much more comfortable with temperatures between 15-27 degrees.
  • DRINKING AGE- The minimum drinking age is twenty one.
  • DRESS CODE- It can get very hot in Dubai but you should be aware of keeping your clothes on a more conservative side. Be sure to pack light layers with a few long sleeves and full length bottoms.




  • DESSERT SAFARI: Dessert safari is a completely other side of Dubai. It shows you what Dubai used to be before it got developed. Dessert Safari includes the ATV ride which is a not to miss activity for all ages. After the dessert safari and the ATV ride the guide takes you to a camp. There are numerous camps spread across the sand dunes. The camp is a unique experience.
  • CAMP: It Includes the different forms of dance performances( Tanura dance, fire dance and off course belly dancing), food, you can dress up in the native Emirati dress. Camp is a must to visit, it completes the whole dessert safari journey. There are different types of camps as well. Make sure your guide takes you to a good one.  I went to the royal tourism camp.


  • AT THE TOP; BURJ KHALIFA- Get a mesmerizing view from the top of the Burj Khalifa. It is the tallest skyscraper of the world. It is advisable to book the tickets in advance.


  • LA MER: It is the perfect place to relax and have fun. La mer is filled with restaurants, cafes and provides an extensive list of water sports. Enjoy the laid back fun at La mer.


  • MARINA YACHT: Cruise the stunning waters of Dubai on a yacht and experience memorable views of sights like- Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab. The beautiful fireworks enlightens the night . You can hire the yacht for 2-4 hours.  Make sure the weather is fine before you set out for the yacht experience because when i went the tides were to high for us to go to the other end of the waters.
  • SOUK MADINAT JUMEIRAH:  Souk Madinat Jumeirah contains boutique brands, souvenir gift shops, luxury fashion and jewellery.  It has restaurants offering cuisines from all over the globe. Every Souk Madinat Jumeirah restaurant and café offers perfect views of the Arabian architecture, waterways or the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.


  • DUBAI MALL: It is the largest mall consisting of all brands needed. It takes at least 3 days to cover the whole mall.It has a huge aquarium for the visitors to see from inside as well as outside.  Wear comfortable shoes as a lot of walking is required.

  • MALL OF EMIRATES: It is the smaller version of Dubai mall. Even though it is small, it has most of the brands of the Dubai mall. It can easily be explored in a day!!


  • BARASTI: It is a beach bar in the hotel Le Meridien in Marina Dubai. The ambiance was amazing and the food was scrumptious.img_0377
  • PIER 7: It is a building in Dubai Marina with seven different restaurants on each floor . Each floor offers a new adventure in culinary art with perfect ambience.
  • EVE: Sitting on the 34th floor of the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Eve penthouse and lounge rooftop lounge which offers a diverse blend of cocktails and mouth watering food completed by the breathtaking views of the city16-1-e1547659377547.jpg.



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